My Story

My Story

Dr. Shirin Tarbiat is a Biochemist who completed her Doctoral studies from India in 2014. And at the same time, she currently works as a faculty at Uskudar University.


Dr. Shirin's journey started from India in 2006, where she was doing her bachelor's and came across an "Indian ayurvedic science" page on facebook. The amazing contents of that page caught her eye and she started following it on regular bases. She gradually got inspired from the Indian ayurvedic science page because of the fact that they used totally organic and natural ingredients in their beauty products.


Due to the effulgent weather in India, Dr. Shirin noticed that her skin was getting very dry. The concerns over her skin started bothering her and even her family could notice it too. She tried to replenish her skin by using some skin creams. But unfortunately, due to her skin being too sensitive she couldn't use any cream and even the medicinal products were allergic to her skin.


She started using Indian coconut oil which was quite prominent and purely natural. Also, she used Castor oil additionally along with an extremely healthy and nutritious diet which included fresh fruits and vegetables which proved to be effective for her skin as she noticed over time. Dr. Shirin's immense interest in nutrition played a key role as she further linked it with her doctoral studies in biochemistry and her extensive care towards her skin day and night helped her to preserve the beauty of her skin.


To make it tidier and easy to use, Dr. Shirin experimented with all the purely natural and organic ingredients in her own kitchen with her exceptional skills and knowledge and successfully ended up making an antiageing cream eventually. She used it and was quite satisfied with the results. And so, she began bottling it up for her family and friends to use it.


In 2013, she finished her Ph. D and flew to Turkey, where she substantially found a job. Everything was going fine in Dr. Shirin's life until one day she met with an accident in 2016 when she got big scratches on her face alongside puffiness under her eyes. She went for the treatment in one of the best hospitals in Turkey but unfortunately, even the medicinal treatment she received couldn't help her skin as it was very sensitive and allergic.


Miracles often happen, and a miracle was evident in Dr. Shirin's story when she put trust in her own homemade cream to cure her skin. Her exceptional skills and knowledge proved to be effective yet again as she successfully got her normal glowing skin back within less than a week miraculously. The results were quite shocking for everyone, as they were surprised by the quality and the healing time of the cream.


As a consequence, Dr. Shirin's colleagues and friends demanded the cream. She then thought about converting this idea in a productive way and with the help of her enormous knowledge and efforts, she then completed the precise formula of her miraculous anti-aging cream which included the best and purely organic components and initiated the astonishing journey of her beauty cream production business.


Dr. Shirin always believed in the mesmerizing ideology that "Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart," which along with her immense hard work, patience and faith in herself helped her to grow successfully till date. She has a great vision and is keen to share her creation for the betterment of this world.