About US

About US

Our human nature dictates that we take care of ourselves and enhance our appearance. Throughout history, women from Egypt and Iran to today's movie stars have used cosmetics to beautify and rejuvenate. Indeed recent psychological studies have proven that the better we look, the better we feel, and the healthier, happier, and more productive we become.

Dr. shirin’s is a line of natural skincare products made from organic ingredients collected from surrounded natural environment .The brand stands for honesty, (uses organic  ingredients without harmful common place cosmetic chemicals).

We believe, choosing between a product that’s good for your skin and one which is safe for your health is a choice you should never have to make.

The vision behind Dr. shirin’s was to create a brand that stands not just for beauty alone; but one that delivers a pure and pleasant experience which is organic, natural, toxin tree and safe for the skin.

This is expressed in each of our formulations and in our tagline: ‘Luxurious and Safe Organic skincare that works!’

We do not use any harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients in making our products. Moreover, we list out every ingredient we use clearly on the product label as well as on our official website.

The mission of the brand is the "beauty from within" and the integration of functional foods with cosmeceuticals for total body beauty from the inside and the outside:

Personal appearance is a good way to generate interest. Our self-esteem and physical confidence are largely influenced by how we perceive our body and skin, as well as by other people's opinions. The skin serves as an interface in our exchanges with others, filtering the stimuli that come from the outside and sending out messages. Indeed, it is one of the most intimate elements of our identity. Through the process of aging and exposure to the sun and to environmental pollutants the skin loses moisture, tension, and elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and spots. Today there is a tendency to try to make up for nutritional deficiencies by resorting to dietary supplements and topical cosmetics.

" nutricosmetics " have defined foods and dietary supplements that benefit the health and beauty of the skin by directly affecting.

Our mission is on nutrients for which there is evidence of benefit to the skin "from within.

As published in the scientific and medical literature as about dietary ingredients with potential for skin health there are indeed nutritional supplements that have scientific substantiation of preventing and reversing aging, of protecting, of moisturizing, and of treating specific problems of the skin. The most comprehensively researched nutricosmetics are antioxidants (vitamins C and E, carotenoids, coenzyme QlO, as well as botanicals such as the polyphenols [catechins] in green tea, the tannins and flavanoids in pomegranate, resveratrol in grapes, anthocyanins in berries, silibinin in milk thistle, carnosic and rosmarinic acids in rosemary, and genistein in soy), as well as antioxidant enzymes and trace mineral cofactors for these enzymes (such as selenium and zinc). Studies on each of these are excellently and comprehensively reviewed. Certain nutricosmetics affect epidermal moisturization and barrier function and/or the extracellular matrix. Some ingredients can increase synthesis of collagen and prevent the UV-induced degradation of collagen and elastic tissue by matrix metalloproteinases; others increase fibroblast proliferation and cell turnover and may even induce signaling for cellular differentiation or apoptosis. Probiotics influence the composition and/or metabolism of the endogenous gut and skin microbiota. By modulating immune function, probiotics are prophylactic and therapeutic for atopic dermatitis.

Beauty from the Outside

Skin Aging

The skin is probably the organ that is most susceptible to damage produced by free radicals because of its contact with oxygen and with other environmental stimuli. It reveals the first signs of physical aging at around age 30. But skin aging does not affect only the elderly; it affects everyone because people sunbathe too much. It is not only the passing of time that makes us age, but the accumulation of deleterious chemical events that deteriorate our bodies into the condition that we call aging. The aging process, which reduces the number of healthy cells, is soon visible on the skin

The damage produced by free radicals impairs the cells' ability to transport nutrients, eliminate waste products, and reproduce adequately, and results in the accumulation of by-products, such as pigment lipofuscin (age spots), interfering with their normal functions. Moreover, too much sun exposure increases the production of free radicals, which, in tum, increases inflammation, and the degradation rates of collagen and elastin, thereby resulting in accelerated aging.


Did you know your skin gives a true reflection of your total health and well-being? Skin is the matrix and fabric of the human body, which acts as a barometer for an individual’s health. When you are happy and healthy, when you feel good about yourself — that feeling shows on your outer body, and your skin glows.

Prevention and maintenance rather than on therapy

The fact that people tend to be more aware of health-related issues is also a result of the aging of the population. Recent discoveries regarding the distinction between intrinsic, natural aging and extrinsic, premature aging, elucidating distinct clinical manifestations and mechanisms of each.

How nutricosmetic ingredients can help to prevent premature aging.

The Impact of Functional Food on the Skin

What are functional foods? They have been defined as foods with ingredients (either natural or added) that provide a health benefit beyond their traditional value. Skin is more than beauty-it is a vital organ that protects us from the environment, maintains moisture and body temperature, and is part of the immune system. Therefore, nutraceuticals must renew the skin by rebuilding tissues, making skin more flexible, smoother, healthier, and younger looking. Moreover, they must help to prevent, reduce the risk of, or even treat minor diseases and, in some cases, do all of the above. Some specialized foods have certain weight loss, calming, anti-inflammatory, or immuno-stimulant properties. Triterpenes from shea nuts have displayed interesting antiinflammatory properties; alpha acids, iso-alpha acids, and possibly betaacids contained in hop extracts are tentatively identified as active pain relief compounds; and a soluble, digestible keratin protein extracted from sheep wool appears to improve joint health and mobility. Linoleic acid, an omega-6-fatty acid, is an important precursor of ceramides, which are essential for moisturizing the skin and preserving its barrier function; meanwhile, gamma-linolenic acid, as a precursor of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, is capable of reducing inflammatory skin disorders and controlling skin moisturization and health.

As a result beauty from the outside by applying right organic products and beauty from inside by consuming defined foods and dietary supplements that  benefit the health and beauty of the skin is highly recommended.